Thursday, May 21, 2015

VIOLA shop update

Hooray, huzzah, wa hoo! The next VIOLA shop update is scheduled for...

FRIDAY MAY 29th @ 4pm EST

I've brought back another favourite from the old days of Viola - M / C / N Worsted! This yarn was always amongst my most favourite...all of them are...but I really like it, OK! I love it's super high twist and springiness, the way it grabs a hold of the dye, creating saturated and interesting colours, and I love that it knits up super-fast - that's a lot of things to love!

I've dyed up a fair bit of the lovely M / C / N Worsted, and done my very best to ensure that there are garment worthy amounts in most colours. I have also done a splendid job of not hanging onto all of it for myself...which tends to be my initial reaction.

Also in the update will be Merino Lace and Merino Singles 4 Ply as well as the last bit of Polwarth and Alpaca that I'll have for a little while, so grab it while you can!

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