Wednesday, June 8, 2016

life update

I never realize just how much I've been doing until I sit myself down to account for all of it. I've not been posting as often as I would like recently; moving house, working on the studio and big VIOLA plans have kept me even busier than usual these past few months. Of course, I must keep some news secret, and most of it is too boring and mundane to bother cutting straight to the pertinent and interesting bits, here's what's been happening...

First off, almost all of my things have been packed and sorted and moved to Mooresburg. Awesome! Just a handful of carefully styled items remain for showing the old house, so they hardly even count. Through some miracle I have sorted through all of my yarn, fabric (I can't really even sew, but I have lots) and various collections of sticks, shells and sparkly things that I have retrieved from beaches forests and parks. That's the list of the most important things I own, and I've managed to pair down a lot. It feels good to have all my things in one place. Organized, just the essentials. I haven't been settled in once place since I moved to England in 2012, so this was no small job. Reclaiming years of scattered objects, ideas, projects and things has been an emotionally and physically exhausting job. 

Now that I'm here in Mooresburg, I would love nothing better than to unpack and settle into my new home. An obvious and (if only) simple next step. Everyone out there is familiar with the trials and frustrations of moving, and this move is nothing special, I am sure. Suffice to say...I am in the thick of it. Total chaos and mayhem, boxes everywhere and 1000 scattered packages of incense that have finally been amalgamated and no pans to cook dinner. Just the usual moving craziness!

Moving my business, however, has been slightly more stressful. Planning the new studio was a challenge, albeit a very rewarding one. Building the studio is proving the be very similar. I am clueless when it comes to building, but am learning fast. I now know one very important thing about building projects - everything takes much longer than you thought it would take and lots of things go wrong and break and don't work and are not possible no matter how hard you try. I've watched those home renovation shows and seen folks in hysterics over a toilet, or sobbing about countertops. I'm not at that state just yet, but am starting to understand the forces that have driven them to their madness.

My (would be) simple little studio is at that point where it seems like everything is going to deviate from my well laid plan, break, not fit properly and pretty much bite it's thumb at me. Without getting into the details that are quite tedious and boring, I will say that there have been a number of setbacks, minor disasters and annoying things going on in there recently. 

I know that I keep talking about the big plans I have for VIOLA, and those are still in place. They have just been bumped back a while by the series of events and life stuff that has got in the way. I want to be completely honest and direct with all of the lovely friends, customers, kickstarter backers and everyone else out there. Viola things have been quiet on the internet recently. Here in Mooresburg I have still been scheming and dreaming whilst batting the barrage of setbacks, complications and disasters that accompany a big move and a big building project.

It is frustrating for me, as I feel like I've been making patient humans out there wait far too long. I am not trying to dangle carrots in front of anyone, but at the same time want to be realistic about just how much I am going to be able to accomplish over the next few months. My first priority at the moment is to resolve the issues in the studio and start dyeing yarn again - as quickly as possible! My diary is telling me that I should be sending off the last kickstarter rewards now, but will not be able to do so until I sort out the studio. To those of you still waiting for your spring yarn club shipment, Leeleetea kits and leeleetea pattern, it is literally at the very top of my list. Thank you for being so patient! I can't give you a time estimate as of yet, but will be keeping everyone informed. Stay tuned!

Oh yes, and it has been a most beautiful spring here in Mooresburg (I'm not all doom and gloom) so I'm sprinkling in some photos from a recent early morning forest walk. Something about that low light that is the best!