Thursday, October 4, 2012

food festival

This Sunday was the annual Lynton food festival. I had no idea what to expect on entering...not that my expectations were particularly high or low. The important thing was, of course, that there would be fresh food from local producers. I do love food! I was prepared with some shopping bags and my camera, and very happily discovered that the Lynton food festival is quite a happening thing!

flowers from the smoked garlic people

 Without a doubt, the most beautiful stall of the day offered smoked garlic, chard, fresh flowers and squash. I was in heaven...where to you even start with that kind of selection?

beautiful squash

The squash is so lovely that I can't decide what to cook with it - the food has to be as beautiful as the squashes are.


Depending on my mood, I might try to argue that chard is the king of vegetables. I am very fond of it any day, time or place.


and garlic. These folks were really winning the day!

There had to be a baking competition (can't believe that I didn't know about this sooner!) The cakes submitted were all Victoria Sponge, and competition was quite stiff from what I could tell.

victoria sponge cometition

victoria sponge contenders

terribly serious. 

enjoying exmoor ales

The Rising Sun was offering up pints and mussels...this is where things got a bit messy.


Station and John

 John and Station tucking into some mussels.

Meanwhile an enthusiastic omelette making competition was underway outside the town hall. I still argue that most of the "omlettes"  being made were hasty scrambled eggs...with bits of shell in...but it was all good fun. Here's Phil having a go


Carnage at the omelette table.

Some more bits and bobs because I can't resist a good food photo.

dan the fisherman

hand made cheese

this man makes the best sausages in the world


Daisy with a fresh jug of unpasteurized milk from a neighbouring village. Pretty great.