Tuesday, March 29, 2016

the big move approaches

 If you followed along with the Kickstarter campaign this winter, you already know that my current (soon to be former) dye studio is not so much of a studio, but a dark corner of a basement. Not ideal. I've made it work for a long time, developing a work routine that involves dodging paint cans, laundry hampers and stored Christmas decorations. Perhaps not what you would expect out of a work space, but I'm used to it. I'd like to think that I am pretty good at adjusting to strange situations and environments, sometimes I even think that I work better in them. So you can imagine the peculiar feeling I have about moving into a proper work space. One that I have designed to suit my needs...with light, storage space, work surfaces and drying areas that are not obscured by the Halloween mobile made of old turkey bones (I actually love this mobile) I know I'm going to get used to the new space. More than that, I'm sure that I will LOVE the new space...so long as I bring that mobile with me...

As the moving date draws near, I am scrambling to finish up lots of little jobs, clear out all the corners and generally get sorted. Starting fresh in a new space is just around the corner...
 Top priority is to move as little yarn as possible! I'll be dyeing up almost all of the yarn I have in stock for this update, which means big quantities in lots of bases. Sweaters for all (who want them, that is) I've been dyeing non stop for the past couple of weeks in preparation and yarn mountains are already forming on many surfaces about the house. These have become a common feature, but won't be around either once I'm into the new space.

 I'm hoping that this big update will tide everyone over for a wee while, as I will be taking a short break from dyeing once I make the move to Mooresburg - another reason for my frenzied prep. Not long, just a month or so.

 I will announce the date and time of this momentous and extra-large shop update very soon, along with some previews and my favourites (as always!) I haven't been able to share many pics just yet, but that hasn't stopped me from my usual project day dreaming and imaginary shopping. So stay tuned for more details...

For now, I am very excited to tell you that I will be offering a few items that are new to the etsy store...

...including NEW COLOURWAYS in sock kits, Mooresburg DK (woo hoo) and Viola meets Mooresburg totes for a start!  

In the mean while, the Sock KAL over in the Ravelry group is about to finish up. Just three days left to complete your Viola socks, which is lots of time! I have loved seeing the socks popping up over the course of this KAL, and am seriously excited about all of the sock kits that were knit over the course of the KAL as well. Thanks to everyone who has participated and shared their socks! I will be announcing the winner (chosen by random draw) in the Ravelry group on April 1st, so check in then!
Because I am obsessed, I decided to knit just one more pair for the KAL, so here's a peek at the first sock...

I'm using Mooresburg for the main colour, with, giant peach, dew drop and mustard seed contrasts!

 I've been knitting a lot of secret things recently, but here's one more that I can share....

It's a Garland pullover from Pom Pom magazine, issue 7. I have wanted to knit this thing from the moment the issue landed in my mailbox, and finally have cast it on! Inspired by Lydia and Sophie of the Pom Pom crew, who have both recently knit the pattern as well. I'm up to the armholes now, because I can't seem to put it down! Using Viola Mohair Lace...in an Eclipse colourway that I could not part with. So much fun!

Righto, off to finish up the foot on my second sock. Happy knitting!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

a Knitting Party Success!

Oh my, it has been one heck of a busy time in the world of Viola these days. I can easily fill 7 days a week with full-time dyeing, but recently have been adding on studio work and planning, packing for my big move and a little yoga...just to keep me from going mad. It's all great fun, but most of the time I have no idea what day it is! This past Monday was a delightful highlight in my action packed life. It was the most heart-warming knitting party I've ever attended (and certainly, the only knitting party that I've ever thrown). 

 Kickstarter backers from the GTA area came out to pass a peaceful afternoon sampling Viola yarns, chatting about knitting and enjoying a very posh cupcake or two. Afternoon rolled into evening and even more lovely Torontonian knitters arrived to raise a glass (or two),  join in the knitting chatter and get some shopping in...more posh cupcakes were consumed!

Here, the lovely Natalie Selles (leeleetea) has just finished sharing the hat and mitts she's designing in Mooresburg DK. Can you spot them?

As an internet based business, I can spend great lengths of time staring at a screen, I rarely have the chance to MEET customers and talk to them for real, in person. I had the best time watching everyone shop, peeking at the colours and yarns they were picking up, chatting with them about their choices and generally hanging out. Sure beats the internet, heh?! The only way it could have been better would have been to have ALL the Kickstarter backers there. 

Miko and Jennifer!

As always, Jennifer and Miko of the Purple Purl were the most kind and gracious hosts. Generously providing their shop and services to the cause (thanks ladies!)

The party was a great success in the end. I am feeling very lucky indeed to know such fantastic people, and had so much fun sharing a bit of Viola with everyone who came out.

 Thanks again to all!