Friday, May 29, 2015

Eclipse colourways

Hey gang! Just a quick note about something new that's going on in today's update...Eclipse colourways are happening!

Eclipse colourways are all one-offs, whatever I post will be all there is. They are all the result of some fun new experimentation that I've been up to. I've been working away on new colourways, techniques and ideas - as a result, some pretty funky colours have been emerging from my pots. So if you happen to love an Eclipse colourway in today's update, grab it because it won't be around again!

The goal of all my crazy witch experimentation (I've been imagining myself as a Macbeth witch throughout all this) is going to be some exciting new colourways and more consistent results too!

Here's a selection of Eclipse colourways in Merino Lace that are going to be in the update later on today. 

In other news, I goofed slightly on the weight of Merino Singles 4 ply! The yarn information is now updated on Ravelry, Etsy as well as the tags. So the correct weight and yardage for Merino Singles 4 ply is actually 115g 434 meters (475 yards). Sorry for the mix up folks, but great news - your skeins have more yarn in them that you thought, huzzah!

See you @ 4pm EST for some yarny (witchy) fun!

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