Monday, March 30, 2015

alpaca polwarth excitement!

These days I have so many favourite things that I can't seem to keep track of them all. Here's the latest! It's a yarn that my lovely friends at John Arbon Textiles have spun for me. 70% Polwarth, 15% natural brown alpaca and 15% white alpaca. When I worked at the mill, I couldn't get enough of the yarns we spun with some naturally coloured fibre in them. There is something unbeatable about the little flecks of brown or grey that pop up. Every time I found myself skeining such a yarn I wanted to KEEP IT ALL and turned into insane yarn hoarder lady (I spend much of my time in this mode).

Naturally, when the time came for me to request a yarn of my own, I wanted some of the naturally coloured goodness that I love so much. I am SO pleased with the way these colours have come out. Totally different from the super slick merino bases that are more commonly available. The soft and airy texture that this light 2-fold yarn has makes it almost weightless. Each colour is subtle, soft and delicate, and the beautiful natural brown alpaca shows through each one!

The yarn is a light 4-ply weight, and these are just the first few colours I've been experimenting with - more to come, whoopee! I'm so pleased with the light and delicate quality that this yarn has as well. I often find that alpaca gets a bit too heavy, but the high polwarth content of this yarn has made it almost weightless. I am dreaming of a giant shawl - pattern research has already begun!

Whilst I am waiting, planning and selecting the perfect shawl pattern to knit (suggestions welcome, of course) I have contented myself with knitting this little swatch. It's just a hodgepodge of stitches. Ah knitting, endless fun!


  1. Omigosh Emily - dream fiber combo!! I spun up some Polwarth once that had the most beautiful scent and all these years later - spun, blocked, knit, blocked, washed again and again - it still does :^) Mine is undyed... I am just drooling at the thought of alpaca in the mix and the sight of your dye work!

  2. Oh wow, it's SO beautiful! I love alpaca yarns, and these look utterly amazing. I love the speckles, the depth.... perfection.

    1. Thanks Julie! I'm loving it too. Can't wait to cast on!!!

  3. Just delicious. This is as much confection as it is yarn!