Monday, March 23, 2015

fibre a comin'

I've done a lot of rediscovery since returning to dyeing and Canada. Rediscovering my own yarn stash (whoa, so overwhelming!) rediscovering techniques I liked to use (and NOT) rediscovering how etsy works (that was scary considering how technologically challenged I am - most days I'm amazed when I manage to log into my e mail). Lots of rediscovering is the point. At the forefront of my rediscovery has been fibre dyeing!

I discovered a bunch of fibre tucked away in a safe hiding place about a month ago. Dyeing yarn has always been my preference - but I couldn't resist the chance to put more colour onto something, so I set about dyeing it all up. Well, I have also rediscovered why I don't dye fibre very often, I make a right old mess of it! 

Some utterly brilliant (I think) colours emerged, but they are not the tidy tops that I stuck into my dyepots. They are perfectly spinnable, however. SO, what I have decided to so (after a brief period where I considered being very greedy and keeping it all for myself - so bad!) is to offer what I have, but make sure that everyone knows to expect a slight mess. 

Some tops have broken, and I will state that in their listings. Some are just a bit lumpy. For this, I apologize. I will offer all of these tops at a hearty discount, to compensate for their slightly tufty and unkempt state. But if you are anything like me, you may enjoy tidying those oddments of fibre chaos into a lovely handspun delight!

 Without further adeiu, here are just a couple of my favourite colourways. There are plenty more for the update (data and time TBA)...

superwash merino in white caps

merino top in sunset

merino/silk top in liberty

 I delight in nothing more than turning odd bits of things into one beautiful finished product, so in case you want a bit on inspiration, here's a look at what I've been spinning. I took 3 different hand dyed tops (2 superwash merino and 1 corriedale...very different, I know, but I decided to go there). I've spun each superfine and with lots of twist. Am now thoroughly enjoying folding them together into this beautifully bonkers marl. The finished yarn is a light 4 ply weight. I'm chuffed and can't wait to cast on something in my 'crazy tiger' yarn...that's what I'm calling it!


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