Thursday, April 9, 2015

shop update time!

At long last, the time has come for new yarns and goodies to appear in the shop. It's been a very busy month. Lots of plans are starting to take shape and lots more are appearing all the time! Perhaps the surge of creativity and inspiration here at Viola home base is due to the spring weather that is inching it's way back into our lives. Or maybe it's just because we love yarn and knitting, who knows!?

The next shop update is scheduled for...

Tuesday, April 14th @ 4pm EST

...details of the new Alpaca + Polwarth yarn, as well as the spinning fibre are both in previous posts. I could write another long post about how much I love that alpaca polwarth, but I will spare you the waffling. Also making appearances will be the lovely Merino Lace (an old favourite) and it's new big sister, Merino Singles 4-ply. The same soft and lustrous superwash merino, but a little bit thicker. I can't wait to  knit myself a dainty little cardi out of this one!

The happy task of labeling has already begun, made even better by the fact that I spent this week doodling and designing labels for the new yarns!

Just a couple of my favourite merino lace colours.



  1. How many yards are in a skein of this magical alpaca polwarth?

  2. Ok, you have no idea how unbelievably excited I am that you are back and dyeing again! I eagerly await your next Etsy update! In fact, I only *just* gave in and cast on a pair of socks in your merino sock which I think I've been hoarding since the last time you did frolic, lol, so I'm ready for more!