Sunday, April 7, 2013


A few weeks back I had the pleasure of accompanying the John Arbon Textiles gang to the Selvedge Spring Fair. The show was held in London, at the Chelsea Town Hall - a beautiful building! Fibre-y shows I've been to in the past have all been held in big (and rather unattractive) venues, so this was a very welcome change. Warm wooden walls and lovely architectural details were the perfect backdrop for the array of beautiful textures and colours that were on display at the show. 
For those who don't know, Selvedge is a magazine that focuses on textiles arts and artisans. Each page is beautiful and inspirational - can you tell I like it? The show featured venders selling everything from vintage Hungarian textiles, hand embroidered woolen dressing gowns (I might have bought one...), intricately hand stitched dolls, French antiques and so much more. I could have left with a very big hole in my bank account, and came very close to it!
In my usual Emily fashion, I was so swept away with the display that I neglected to gather the names of a lot of the talented people I spoke to, but I'll do my best to reference the photos I've taken.

 photo DSC_0054_zps47949315.jpg

Of course, my day began with a visit to John and Juliet. Their stand looked lovely, and the cold weather outside seemed to be inspiring shoppers to keep their toes warm in a squishy pair of wool socks.

 photo DSC_0060_zps33849c61.jpg

I have hunted high and low for the list of venders at the Spring Fair, and come up empty handed. Sadly, I'll just have to share my pictures, hope you are inspired at the least!

I just love how delicate the stitching is on these dolls. Even though their faces are out of focus, you can see their tiny little mouths and rosy cheeks have so much detail.

 photo DSC_0071_zps55a3e65a.jpg

I flipped out for these stunning hand woven blankets, pillows and throws from Catarina Riccabona. For once I had the sense to take a photo with her name in it. The way she combined colours with naturals and textures within stripes and...everything. I want one of her blankets in my life...someday...

 photo DSC_0082_zps4cf2e385.jpg

This was my favourite piece from the collection of vintage Hungarian textiles. It's a small tablecloth, and the most special thing about it is that there is a section in the center that has faded with time and use, so it's colours range from bright red into dusty pink.

 photo DSC_0076_zps2d889d4f.jpg

I bought myself a beautiful ribbon from this basket, to use in my hair. Of course, I chose one that was too now it's hanging from a peg board. Curse my thick hair!

 photo DSC_0094_zps834c615b.jpg

This was, without a doubt, the most exciting thing that I saw at the show. It is an antique hand embroidered fox!!!!! Look at the rabbits running across it's back, and the squirrel in the top left. I cannot imagine hand-stitching this. Obviously it was made my the most patient and determined person who ever lived! I foolishly didn't get the name of the lovely girl who was selling it, and can't find her anywhere - apologies if you are out there!

 photo DSC_0100_zps70564d81.jpg

Another lovely stand, and another forgotten name. Throughout the day, I began to refer to this stand as "the gray folks" I'm sure that they have a much more lovely and eloquent name than that! I had to get a photo of them for my mom - just check out those linen aprons. They also had hand dipped candles and felted slippers...all gray of course!

 photo DSC_0091_zps3cf6ccd1.jpg

Cute silly things

More fun and pretty things... 

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 photo DSC_0079_zps4b85af1b.jpg

 photo DSC_0065_zps6523d153.jpg

 photo DSC_0087_zps2bc80048.jpg

 photo DSC_0097_zps95658892.jpg 
There was so much to see and do, and I've made a couple of amazing purchases...too many I'm sure. When the weather is warmer up here on the moor, I will get out my new silk frock and take some photos, but that's all for the time being.

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  1. Oh! I didn't know about this show. Will have to look out for it. No guesses what my favourite stand would have been...

  2. Those grey folk are !! Diana x