Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mooresburg DK. This is serious.

Hey everyone! So I sneaked a little teaser onto Ravelry last night, but for anyone who didn't catch it...there's a new yarn in Viola land!

This yarn is really special. It's exclusive to Viola, it's grown and spun right here in Ontario Canada, it's brand new for Kickstarter backers and it is soft, light, rustic and wooly. So I'm chuffed. You heard me right, it's an all Canadian, hand dyed sweater yarn! Whoa. 

The lovely Mooresburg DK is a light double knit weigt, 2 ply yarn. It's spun from the fleece of a Cotswold/Dorset cross sheep that live very close to me in Grey County (how exciting is this?!) It get's even better still, because this beautiful fibre is spun by the seriously lovely folks at Wellington Fibres. They're so close to me too, I really feel like I'm winning the day today!

So, I have some pretty big plans for Mooresburg DK. I've been swatching already for a jumper that I'm going to start on soon (more top, I feel like I'm some kind of knitting spy with all my secrets these days). I can say that my jumper is going to be knit in Giant Peach, which is one of my new favourites...and the reason for all the pictures of Giant Peach coloured yarn at the moment. 

Mooresburg DK will make it's debut in my upcoming Kickstarter Campaign (launching this Monday, the 16th!) It will be available in a selection of favourite Viola colourways, and some new special options too!

I've been dyeing quite a bit of Mooresburg DK these days. The red above is Black Lodge and has traveled across the sea to my fellow Canadian abroad, Natalie (Leeleetea) who is working on a pattern for the Kickstarter campaign. The pattern is going to be a hat and mittens combo knit in Black Lodge, Mooresburg DK. I can't wait to see what she comes up with! 

Black Lodge seemed to me to be the perfect colour for Mooresburg, and Kickstarter. It's the deep rich red that can be found around Grey County throughout the autumn and winter time, from dogwood and berries to the red roof of my new studio. This red just makes sense. 

Mooresburg DK will be available to Kickstarter backers before anyone else, and there are lots of colour options for available too! It's your chance to preview this seriously amazing yarn before anyone else. Hope that you love it as much as I do!

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