Thursday, November 5, 2015

i almost kept this...

Sharing the yarn that 'I almost kept' has become one of my favourite things about shop updates...suppose I just love pretty pictures of yarn. Don't we all?!

Today's shop update is very exciting, because it features the return of SOCK yarn! I've mentioned this already, I know, but I just love it so much. As a very serious sock knitter, I did stockpile a lot of Viola sock before I went off on my little break, but it was running low (and I was getting a bit panicky). Just in the nick of time, Viola Sock is back and I've managed to NOT keep it all!

Winterwood Sock

Bronte Sock

Wild Rose Sock

Black Lodge Sock

Truth be told, I want all of the sock yarn. All of it. But I cut myself off at 4 colours, gotta reign in the sock craziness!

There's lots of lovely Merino Lace as well and this rich green Eclipse is hands down my favourite!

Runner up is another Eclipse on Merino Lace. There is so much going on in this colour, I've spent more time that I should just staring at it!

And last, but not least, Cosmic Merino Lace. This colourway is quickly becoming a favourite of mine as well. Each skein came out quite differently on this base, but each one is seriously cool too!

Hope to see you today @ 4 pm EST for all this and more great yarn too!

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