Friday, August 28, 2015

I almost kept this...

It's shop update time again. Always very exciting (and very busy) here in Viola-land. I'm really enjoying my new tradition of posting my favourite skeins from each update. So, without further adieu, here are the skeins that I almost kept from Tuesday's upcoming update...

Ok, oh man, this one was really hard. I'm just jumping in with my number one, ultimate, the best new colour. Phew. I'm calling it keeping with the totally cosmic kick I've been on these days. This guy a prototype. There will be more, but it's going to change slightly next time round, so yeah. It's a big deal! The yarn is Merino Singles 4 ply and there are 9 skeins going into the shop. I want a saggy, oversized sweater knit in this...but I'm not keeping it ;)

Next in the ranks is this Blushy beauty, also on Merino Singles 4 ply. I'm calling this one an Eclipse as it's not close enough yet...but it's just about all of my favourite things all mixed together...dusty pink, coppery streaks and plum splodges. Phew, too exciting!

An old favourite. I can't figure out how it's taken me so long to return to Mineral, a colourway from the good ol' days of Viola. Here it is on MCN Worsted, and there's 10 whole skeins of it coming your way. cozy autumn jumper methinks.

I can't get away from it. I just love Ice Berg. Every batch I dye is captivating to me, it's only a matter of time before Ice Berg doesn't make it onto this list...Here it is on Merino Lace and there's lots to go round with 6 skeins total!

And last, it's Giant Peach. Yep, I'm back to this again. I've dyed it up this time on Merino Fingering, again, with lots to go round (10!) So get in there, this soft, subtle and warm colour is the favourite of all Viola team members...but we're be seeing you on Tuesday.

Tune into the etsy shop Tuesday, September 1 @ 4pm EST

Hope you enjoy!


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