Thursday, August 20, 2015

Breaking into the Pretty

I cannot claim ownership of this great idea. It wasn't me, it was the lovely ZarahMaria who suggested a Viola KAL. Long overdue I say. I've just jumped on the bandwagon!

The idea behind this little KAL (and CAL) is to cast on and knit those skeins of Viola yarn that you've been hoarding for...well however long. I have some skeins from the very beginning. That's a pretty darn long time! I've heard from many people that they love certain colours and yarns so much that they don't want to knit them. For those years I spent in England, I fear that I only increased the levels of panic...sorry for that (I felt it too!) My Viola stash, spread over 2 continents, was guarded like the crown jewels; no moth would ever be allowed to sniff it...or eve know that it existed...that's still my policy!

 Now that I'm back to dyeing and have no plans to run off for 3 years again, we all can relax and know that there is always more where that came from. Phew. So let's celebrate with a fun KAL!

I'd love to see what Viola yarn you've been loving too much to use, and what you might be inspired to knit it into? Exciting!

So here's the plan...We've already begun knitting and sharing our plans over in the Ravelry group. So if you want to join, just get in there! Not on Ravelry? Send me an e mail ( if you'd like to participate and I'll make sure that your project is shared with the group. The KAL will end October 31st. At which time, all completed projects will be entered into a draw to win some more Viola yarn!

As I said above, I suffered with exactly the same fear of yarn wastage. And hoarded lots of my favourite Viola yarns and colours. While I haven't been able to share photos yet (due to flickr not making any sense mostly...) I've finally got it together and chosen my projects, wahoo! Mine is a rather ambitious list, but here it goes...

First off, there are lots of babies appearing in my life recently (none are my own) and that means the special joy of knitting extra cute and tiny things. I've decided to start on a cardigan knit in Mineral Merino Fingering that has been in my stash forever (seriously!) it has a contrasting stripe in a rather bright version of Sea Storm. I love it!

  This first cardigan, is knit in garter stitch with a drop shoulder and cabled 'suspenders' as I've been calling them.I loved knitting this so much that I've dyed up a bunch of Mineral for the next shop update (TBA)!

The next little baby cardi is a variation on the cabled 'suspenders' theme. This time, the cables bend in with raglan increases (knit this one top down). I struggled with colour choices here, and wanted to use ALL of the colours, as usual. I used Merino Singles 4 Ply, and settled on Barouni for the main colour, and contrasting bits of Puddle, Giant Peach and Winterwood. Although I hadn't been holding onto this yarn for a long time these skeins were all REALLY special and pretty much my new favourite colours. It seemed like the perfect opportunity!

The body of my little Barouni cardigan is almost finished, and the sleeves should be close behind as I have a long train journey to Montreal this weekend. Love train knitting!

Also on the agenda are 3 pairs of socks (am I crazy, yes). I love knitting socks, it's pretty mindless for me, and I never turn down an opportunity to add a contrasting colour on a heel or toe. All of my 3 pairs of socks are going to be gifts. Some seriously fabulous friends have helped out with renovations on my future dye studio and I feel they should be rewarded with cozy feet! So I've dipped into my most valuable Viola stash...the old and wonderful Sock yarn. Being such a serious sock knitter, I've hoarded this yarn like a crazy person. I love it. I love the way it dyes up and it knits into the most comfortable and durable socks. I haven't dyed it since I've come back from England, which makes it pretty special to me. Anyhow, I've picked out some fun colour combos for my 3 lucky sock recipients...

a seriously fabulous skein of Sea Storm with Pear for toes...

These are going to be really fun.  Pebble (left) is the main colour. Contrast in Black Lodge, Love and Nut Brown.

Finally, A one off skein that never got a name (I LOVE this one) and a most special bit that remains of the original dew drop. It's an historic moment; the first skein of dew drop that I ever dyed. FUN!

As if that wasn't enough. I'm also plotting an oversized, floppy pullover knit in Speckled Mist, the bespoke colourway that I created for Loop. I fear that this one may be a bridge too far, but had to share anyhow. Gotta dream big, eh?

So If you're game to join the KAL, come visit the Ravelry group. It's easier to crack into those special skeins with a bit of moral support. 

Happy knitting!

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  1. Okay I am now dizzy with the splendor of all this Viola and all of this outstanding knitting in one place - yarn fumes are better than ANY perfume, Viola yarn is the sweetest of its sort and give me a knitting pattern or chart over ANY beloved English mystery any day. What a phenomenal 6 hours await you on the train, each way!

    Hope your trip to Montreal is for the best of reasons. You are making me homesick for it, I trained there for medical school in the 1990's and have not been back since 1998. I am in love with Montreal. If you can, I hope you will share anything you did there that was your favorite thing to do. A bientot!
    --Andrea (xraymd)