Tuesday, November 19, 2013

a few little things that I've been up to

I intended to write a lovely long blog post about 3 months ago, talking about my exciting news...that is now 3 months old. I've gone back to university!!

Sounds bonkers, I know. Sometime in August (it's all a bit of a blur to be honest) I decided that I might like to try my hand at textile design...just like that. So, I looked to the nearest art school that I could think of. Conveniently, it's in one of my favourite spots - Falmouth! Take a look at their webiste if  you like. Falmouth is an amazing town, and the university is excellent (I say).

So it's almost the end of November, and this is the first time I've paused to put up some pictures and give you a little update. The Textile Design program is SO MUCH FUN. I've just rushed home from a full day of printing to sort out some notebooks and admire my days' work. 

Enough chatter, here's what's been happening...

Weave samples. We're going through 3 rather fast paced rotations of each discipline (weave, print and mixed media). In the our 4 weeks of weave I managed 2 sets of samples. These are from my second warp, and certainly my favourites!

A funny twill with gold silk weft

Basketweave variation with charcoal alpaca as the main weft.

A very exciting double cloth...with copper embroidery thread thrown in there!

A crazy inlay experiment on the loom...I quite liked this one in the end...

A barely there psychedelic oyster cloud. I'm still printing like a maniac at the moment, so there should be more pictures. For now, just this one. 

Just that little snipped for now. I've started to get into back into taking photos again. I am going to try my best to post more frequently with projects and so on. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Emily, that is so exciting and so right for you! Congratulations on finding a great program in a beautiful place and thanks so much for posting these gorgeous pictures :^)