Monday, January 27, 2014


Phew, I've made it through my first term - the final hand in was this afternoon. Although I've been working incredibly hard and failing to blog, bake, walk, travel and knit as much as I would like, I have enjoyed myself so much! It's a huge treat to play around with textiles all day long!

So today I handed in my finished samples for Mixed Media (hand and machine stitching). Here are a few of the things that I've made...

A bit of machine embroidery with hand stitching detail.

This sample is completely hand stitched. I cut out certain sections of the top layer of fabric to reveal a plastic sleeve that is sandwiched in there. It's difficult to see in the photo, but it gives the cut out sections a fantastic glow.

Just a little bit of hand stitching - I could have carried on adding colours and textures to this piece forever.

Hand stitching with machine applique and cutwork over the top. A bit of velvet ribbon never goes amiss either!

I think this is my favourite sample. I dyed this muslin, then cut out threads to make runs and holes. I sewed on a backing fabric and attached bits of alpaca fleece to it (fleece courtesy of John Arbon Textiles, of course) I hand stitched silver thread in the holes and crisscrossing across the entire piece and then picked bits of fleece out through the holes. Don't know if a photo can do it justice, but I love it!

Some sketchbook snippets.

I've taken more project photos to share, but shall save the print samples for another post (soon, I promise!)