Tuesday, February 26, 2013


After a very, very lengthy pause, I'm back with a quick post about the past (very fun) weekend. Since my arrival in England, I've been hearing about Unravel in Farnham - all good things of course. So, on Saturday I journeyed up there on the train to meet John and Juliet who had a stand there for the weekend.

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The venue, the Maltings, was such a cool place! There were loads of little rooms and corners to explore, all filled with great knitted decorations and funny little bits of textile goodness. 

I always set out for knitting shows saying to myself that I don't need to buy any yarn. Always. Sometimes I've been able to stay strong and not empty my wallet. Not this time. It was too exciting to see sellers and yarn that I've never seen/met in person before; Skein Queen and Juno were certainly hilights.

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Old favourites were there as well, the Natural Dye Studio and their beautiful (obviously) naturally dyed yarns. I am not biased in my love for them, even though Phil and Amanda's lovely daughter Daisy happens to be my flatmate.

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Meghan and Lydia of Pom Pom magazine - I have subscribed since the beginning - had an awesome stand filled with all the projects I've planned to knit from the past four issues.


I have loved those mittens for ages...must get busy and knit them! The pattern is called Vivo, for anyone who is curious, and they are indeed intarsia, worked in the round!

The John Arbon stand was lovely as usual, and generally too busy for me to squeeze in! 

I did manage this pic from the stage above the stand. I especially love the fibre set up (bottom). A very exciting addition to the stand this year was just a teaser of the colours I've been blending at the mill. I surprised myself in creating 2 colours that are almost identical to ones that I used to dye; North Sea and Unpredictable. I've snagged a skein of each for myself, and am allready knitting up a project in Unpredictable. Here's a peek at both...

I have more colours planned, so look out for them soon ;)

Now, onto the part where I loose control and buy too much yarn. I almost made it out of the Juno stand , but then panicked about someone else getting the yarn I wanted and rushed back. Is that entirely nuts?

3 skeins of Milly Singles in colour Faded. At the moment, these are my favourite!

My first skeins of Becoming Art (very surprised to see yarn from back home all the way over here in England). I couldn't resist 2 skeins of Cielo Sport in Clove and one in Fig.

 photo DSC_0085_zpsdb37b7f7.jpg

Apparently the photo of Fig isn't going to load. I'm sure that you're getting bored of all my photos by now anyway.

And then there is the dark horse. It's the colour that I might not always go for, but decided that I couldn't live without. It's fyberspates Vivacious DK in tweed imps.

 If you can believe it I did buy a bit more yarn than that, but I ran out of sunlight. oh dear.

It was so lovely to run into Ce and Dani, the Uncommon Thread and Lioness Arts, respectively and even come across Alli, a friend from Canada who has also made the move to England recently.

All in all it was a very successful and action packed Sunday. Now, to get knitting!

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  1. so nice to see you back again! I love reading about your yarning adventures :)

  2. It's totally reasonable to panic and run back for yarn! That yarn was YOURS.

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures. It looks like a really good event. It's lovely to see you back posting.