Sunday, September 16, 2012

time for crafting

This past week I've been feeling quite ill - I don't get sick very often, but when I do it usually a big deal. Being home from the mill all week, I've had lots of time to rest, dream and create. My mind is overflowing with new project ideas, and I've managed to cast a few on. More impressively, I've drawn out future design ideas (because even I am not going to cast on 4 new sweaters at the same time - that must be some kind of knitting suicide).

Here's a peek at what I've enjoyed working on...

netherton cardi

My Netherton Cardi has been on my mind since I picked up this lovely yarn at Loop in May. The yarn is the Uncommon Thread BFL Light DK and it is such a lovely thing to glows! The pattern is from Pom Pom magazine and I've wanted to knit it from the moment I saw this sweater knit up in real life. I've almost made my way through the body, just a few more rows of ribbing. Of course, I'm worrying that I'll run out of yarn - I only had 3 skeins to start out with. I've been knitting faster in the hope that I have enough, I know that is insane.

Because life is not worth living without granny squares, I've also started on a new blanket.

crochet motif fun

crochet motif fun

I picked up a lovely Japanese crochet motif book at Junku in Paris. After spending at least a week working up different motifs (it's very hard when you love them all) I settled on this one. I wanted something quite simple and old fashioned. The yarn I'm using is John Arbon Textiles Excelana. I think the colours are just perfect - they're all carefully chosen to look like they are from another time. Unlike many other vintage yarns, however, Excelana is 100% wool. Hooray for that! I'm working up most squares solid, but throwing in the odd mixed one when I run out of yarn...or when I feel like it. I'm finally working my ends in as I go and joining the squares together as I make them - why didn't I do this with my last blanket?!

I've saved my most exciting (I think) project to the end. Last night I cast on the first sleeve of this sweater and it's already past the elbow! I'm making up the design as I go along, and it will be a predictable Emily shape. My yarn choice has surprised more than a few people around here, but I love it!

latest purchase

It's another yarn form John Arbon Textiles - a marl made from Knit by Numbers colours. I don't have any pictures of it knit up just yet, but the fabric is exactly what I wanted and I can't stop knitting! 

The timing of my knitting frenzy could not be better. As the days get shorter and the wind picks up I'm wanting to be bundled up in endless wooly layers. As a Canadian I should surely have a stronger tolerance to the cold, but I don't. The locals are still roaming around in shorts and I'm wearing a hat and 2 sweaters. My plan - just keep knitting! I've been able to put a recently finished project to good use as well...

noro cardigan - finished!

I have been in need of a good cozy cardigan for a long time, and it seems like this Noro chap is going to do the job. My only issue with it is that the fronts curl back if they're not held together (that's why they are pinned in the photo) Once I find the right buttons, it won't be much of an issue, but I would like to be able to wear the cardigan unbuttoned if I choose. I'm hoping that another blocking will do the job.

I'm off to get some more knitting done!

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