Tuesday, August 28, 2012

making something lovely

flying geese

I've had patchwork on the brain for months now (and have been buying fabric like I'm preparing for the apocalypse). It was high time I put all my lovely new bits and bobs to good use. Yesterday, I finished cutting out the pieces for my flying geese mini quilt. I've only cut out enough pieces to make a mini quilt, but expect that I'll want something larger once I get started. That will mean more fabric shopping - oh darn.

flying geese

Yesterday I also stitched up my first few pieces, and I am SO excited about them! I had a few odd squares left over from my last patchwork project (that is not finished - but the rest of it is in Canada - so it's OK for me to start a new project). I'm going to mix up the patterns and fabrics, so that each block is mostly the same, but not quite. I don't like anything that looks too tidy or orderly.

flying geese

The timing of this new project is perfect as I'm moving into a little house here in Lynton in September. Everywhere in Lynton gets quite cold in the winter, so a soft and cozy quilt will be just the thing I need!

indigo dip dye

On another note, I forgot to mention this AMAZING t shirt transformation in my last post. While in paris, Caroline and I spent an afternoon playing around with her natural dyes. This old shirt has gone through a magical transformation and is now one of my favourites. Thanks Caroline!

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