Saturday, May 26, 2012

here we go

Right now, I'm sitting in my little room in Uffculme (the room used to be stables). listening to air and burning my precious pomander candle. It's great! I've been a little bit slow getting this blog in place, but now that it's here I plan to document my many adventures here in England. Some very exciting things will be happening while I'm here - it's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics are coming to London, and most exciting of all is that I am working in a wool mill!

Before I get ahead of myself, I think I'll catch you up on some things I've been doing...


...I left my beautiful Canadian home at the beginning of the month, amidst much fanfare (isn't that the most lovely cake?!)

me and my cake

after a seemingly never ending day of travel in early May I popped out of the subway - ahem, tube - in London!
 I only had a couple of days to spend there (and I think 10 years wouldn't be enough) but I did my best. I spent my Saturday morning at the Borough Market, where I ate the most splendid grilled cheese sandwich. I hope you're sitting down because in between two perfect slices of sourdough was most wonderful comtĂ© cheese, as well as sauteed leek and mushroom. Phew. Go if you can!

My second day of London-ing was spent with Ce of the Uncommon Thread. It turns out that Ce is completely lovely and wonderful - no surprise there, and we had a great time visiting Loop, the Elk in the Woods and Toast (where I bought the pants of my dreams).  I did just a teensy bit of shopping at Loop 3 skeins of Loft in stormcloud. Silly to go to England to buy American yarn, but who can resist this stuff? Can't wait to cast on a big shawl in it.


the uncommon thread

I am also the proud owner of Ce's BEAUTIFUL BFL light DK in Zitouni. I've come close to ordering more of this yarn about one million times since - must have some self control, must! I'm planning to knit a Nethernon sweater with my 3 skeins. I've been so excited about this pattern since I saw it in Loop. My issue of POMPOM arrived this week too - better get knitting!

Sadly, one weekend in London was just long enough for me to realize that I must return as soon as I can for another adventure. In the mean time, I've been up to some very fun stuff here in Devon. I'm going to try some little catching up posts, and space them out over the next week or two. So many adventures to share!


  1. First comment to say Yeah !!!!
    Hope to hear more about all your adventures. I love the Nethernon pattern, thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, only just came across your blog! It was SO nice to meet you too! Look forward to more exploring together soon :)

  3. What are you making with that beautiful yarn in the bottom two photos?

    Have you been able to go back to London since you arrived?