Tuesday, August 9, 2016

a little reminder...

this is just a little head's up that the blog has moved to a new home. There is a juicy bit of news over there, so don't miss out. Click on over there and take a peek...


  1. HELLO HELLO Viola,
    you have got to be the cooLest yet. So happy I found you on my Instagram!
    When I settle down too, been a bizzy bizzy summer—I'm going to BUY some of YOUR yarn!!
    Lots of luv from Oregon,
    Teri Byrne
    AKA fuzzyslipper on Instagram
    (darn—had to use my hubby's computer this morning—hence his account) x-x-x-x

    1. HELLO Teri
      I'm so happy I found YOU on IG! Isn't it great that the internet lets us meet even though we're so far away?!
      Busy Bizzy summer is good too, I've loved to see your adventures!

      Love back from little Mooresburg xoxo

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