Sunday, January 31, 2016

I almost kept this...part 1...

I mentioned in my last post that it has been such a long time since the last etsy shop update. Crikey, it's been since November!! It's no wonder I'm looking forward to it so much (I always love etsy update time; I love seeing which yarns and colours are paired up, and where they go. I sound so nosy, but I'm just looking out for my little yarn kids)

I realized a few days ago that I want to keep quite a bit from the coming update. More than usual, that is! And so, this is part 1 of "I almost kept this". That's right, it's a 2-parter this update. I am out of control!

At last, the delightful Polwarth + Alpaca is back in the shop. This super light 4 ply yarn is a blend of 15% Natural Brown Alpaca, 15% Natural White Alpaca and 70% Polwarth. Because this yarn is naturally a light brown colour, the dyes combine with it is no so many interesting ways. Some of the regular Viola colourways look amazing on this base, and some just don't really work. I've done a lot of playing around with the colours this time round and really like the palette I've come up with. I am working on developing repeatable colourways on this base, but at the moment everything is one of a kind!

Sea Storm



Dew Drop


 I've been sure to include sweater quantities in most of the colours, so there should be lots to go round. One skein goes a very long way as well, with 500 meters per 100 grams, this yarn is bordering on a heavy lace weight!

 Recently I have felt quite drawn to warm and spicy colours. I'm sure that it's a reaction to the cool wintery palette outside my window AND the fact that a very good friend of mine talks about spicy pink colours all the time. It's as if I've been listening to a tape as I sleep at night telling me that I should dye everything in a warm, rich pink...which I seem have done.

These four together have been my favourites this week, and that pink is front and center. It's on it's way to becoming a Viola staple colourway...

Sunflower, Bluegrass, Whisper, Amaranth

I finished a Quill Shawl over the summer in Polwarth + Alpaca that has served me very well indeed this winter. It was truly lovely to knit the pattern and yarn together and is just the ticket for long winter walks...must take some more photos of it in action...

Tuesday's update also features the return of Mohair Lace! I go on about Mohair more than enough in my last post, so I'll just share my favourite colourways. Promise I am NOT keeping them...

Giant Peach


Dew Drop
Ok, but there is just this one SINGLE skein that I am going to keep...for an exciting project I'm about to cast on. Slightly secret at the moment...

Another yarn that I can't seem to shut up about these days is my beloved Sock yarn. I'll lave lots of that coming your way on Tuesday as well and here are my top picks...



Ghost...oldie, but a goody!
Phew, and now you can see why I've made this a 2 part post. More coming your way tomorrow!


  1. I so hope to get my hands on some Ghost! :) gorgeous update!

  2. you giving it a fancy name does not makes it fancy, it looks boring, the colors are too dull, are you gonna be knitting for an old lady? or are you one?