Thursday, October 22, 2015


As promised, here are some of my favourite photos from my recent visit to Lynton....I love them all really, but I've narrowed it down as much as possible.  I took advantage of every walking opportunity, walking is certainly my favourite thing to do in Devon! Hollerday Hill is a lovely little spot to walk, right in Lynton and I have spent lots of time stomping about up there. It's a beautiful big hill, with an Iron Age hill fort site at the tip top as well as the ruins of a Victorian mansion part way up. Trails curl around steep cliffs with beautiful views of the Bristol Channel. It's fab!

Many of these photos were taken on a day when the hill was covered in a giant cloud. Lynton below was clear and sunny, but at the top of the hill, everything was shrouded in a thick mist. It was beautiful!

Countisbury Hill, to the right, was under a similar shroud...

Whilst Valley of the Rocks to the left was snuggled into a pocket of sunshine. Pretty cool.

...and then there was YARNDALE! An unplanned adventure portion of my trip (not in Devon...but I'm moving chronologically here). How could I say no to a yarn-filled trip to Yorkshire?!

What a lovely time! Of course, I bought yarn...that I need so desperately (ahem). 3 skeins of Little Grey Sheep's new gotland lace, spun by the lovely John Arbon himself! I cannot remember the colour name because I tore the label off in a great haste to cast on a square shawl pattern that my lovely friend Frankie is working far, it looks like this...

The lace is addictive and looking really great. Once I'm done with the center square, I'll be picking up stitches all the way round the edge to knit a seriously lovely border. Here she is, wearing her original shawl. I love it!!

More of my most favourite people ever, the lovely John and Juliet in their stand.

I had lots of fun doodling in the chalk boards on the John Arbon stand...

And the most beautiful surprise awaited us in the morning...a fence full of dewy webs. Beautiful!

That's about it. I will leave you with the Valley of the Rocks hotel roof. A very pretty sight.

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