Sunday, July 29, 2012


Anyone who knows me at all knows that I can't resist picking up pretty things...pretty much anywhere and everywhere I go. Since I've been here in England I've seen more pretty things that I've known what to do with. I thought I'd share just a few little bits that have been making me smile...

new bag!

...a leather bag I bought at i gigi in Brighton (the designer is Anna Pugh, for those who are interested). I gigi is a shop that did not expect to love walking in (the windows were very misleading). Once inside I realized that it would take a lot of thorough shelf combing and puzzling before I could choose the perfect purchase...I loved everything! I was also very happy to discover a new Swedish brand that I must pay attention to. I dare not type the name because I can't make my keyboard do that lovely circle thing above a letter. Look here if you are interested! The spring collection is full of long, shapeless linen and denim skirts and dresses. All very plain and old world-y, in a very Swedish way. Exciting!

some Chinese indigo tie dyed fat quarters that I picked up a Woolfest last month. I'm back at the patchwork again and having so much fun dreaming of projects...and shopping for fabric (guilty face). These are by far my favourites, but I've accumulated quite a stack of fabrics since I've been here. Good thing I'm also working away on the project I brought with me!


 another Woolfest purchase, these are vintage buttons that I love so much I hope I'll be able to sew them onto something without crying. I haven't been able to think of the perfect sweater just yet, but I'll get there! 

Last week a big package arrived from home. Inside was one of my favourite things...I've been missing a lot...maple syrup! I cooked up a pancake breakfast, a long standing tradition in my family - we've always made oatmeal pancakes and they must be served with smoked bacon and lots of maple syrup. It was so yummy and made me miss home a little bit less

pancake breakfast

Seeing as I had pancakes and bacon on the brain, I had to but this jam when I was shopping in Barnstaple the next day. It sounds like it should be gross and weird, but it's not. Everyone at home, you are getting a jar of this for Christmas...put in on your pancakes!

bacon jam

There is lots more going on - so much that it prevents me from posting as much as I would like. I'll be back soon with more news and updates!

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